Greetings. My name is Lee Jaemyung and I serve as Governor of Gyeonggi Province.

Energy transition has recently emerged as a global issue as we strive to reduce carbon emissions. Hydrogen, in particular, has garnered worldwide interest as a promising energy source for the future. Recognizing this, Gyeonggi Province will host the Gyeonggi International Hydrogen Forum 2020.

The Industrial Revolution, driven by fossil fuels such as coal and oil, brought abundance to humanity in many aspects. However, it also led to growing carbon emissions and subsequent global warming. As a result, climate crisis has become a reality, requiring us to pursue alternatives for sustainable development.

It is not a coincidence that hydrogen has drawn global attention as a new future energy source. Hydrogen is a ‘clean’ and ‘equal’ fuel in that it can be produced by breaking down water and is available everywhere. Additionally, compared to oil, which is primarily concentrated in certain regions such as the Middle East, hydrogen allows us to attain energy security with relative ease.

Last year, Gyeonggi Province presented its vision of ‘Realizing a CO2/Fine Dust Free Zone through Hydrogen Energy Transition.’

We aim to systemically nurture the hydrogen industry so as to secure a new driving force for future growth.
By doing so, we can lay a foundation for making hydrogen energy universally accessible and affordable.

The upcoming forum will provide us with an opportunity to determine what is needed to
realize the transition to a hydrogen economy.

At the same time, it will provide us with a venue to share domestic and global policy trends in terms of
hydrogen energy with our provincial residents.
Concurrently, we can take this opportunity to examine our hydrogen-related potential from production and storage to
transportation and usage.

Please come and join us for the ‘Gyeonggi International Hydrogen Forum 2020’
Thank you very much.