09:30 ~ 09:45


Opening Remarks, Welcoming Remarks, Congratulatory Remarks

09:45 ~ 10:45

Keynote Speech

Future of Korean Hydrogen Economy, Realizing a Safe Hydrogen Economy, Global Trends in the Hydrogen Economy, Strategy for Nurturing Hydrogen Industry

10:50 ~ 12:00


Present and Future of Hydrogen Economy
Spanish Hydrogen Strategic Roadmap, Realizing Energy Transition through Hydrogen Energy

13:00 ~ 14:40


Story of Future Hydrogen City
Best Practices of Local Hydrogen Cities, Gyeonggi Province Hydrogen City, “Korea”, Designer of Future Hydrogen City

14:45 ~ 16:35


Establishment Plan of Technology Oriented Hydrogen Industry Ecosystem
Status of and Plan for the Global Hydrogen Industry, Current status and collaboration case of hydrogen technology development for localization, Establishment plan of Technology oriented hydrogen industry ecosystem and Gyeonggi Province’s role

16:40 ~ 17:20


Hydrogen Economy and Communication
Future Energy Paradigm Shift– From Carbon Economy to Hydrogen Economy!
– Session1. Interview with People in Hydrogen Industry
– Session2. Direction to Achieve the Hydrogen Economy

17:20 ~ 18:00

Special Session

Gyeonggi Province Energy Transition
Direction of Energy Transition for Implementing Gyeonggi Province Green New Deal